Virtual Workshop: Codependency


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Break the Cycle of Codependency — A Map for Empaths

Wednesday, December 19th at 6:30 PM EST

Cost: $44

Join me on December 19th for Finding Your Peace, a two-hour workshop that will explore the ins and outs of the traumatic cycle of co dependent relationships. Learn how to avoid them and how to heal from the pain that it has already caused you.

Empatsh physically absorb other people’s emotional pain. And therefore will do anything in their power to stop that pain, not only for the person suffering, but to end their own suffering too. Without the right knowledge of how to handle empathy carefully, it is dangerous. It leads to vicious cycles of codependency. Narcissists or users will become very addicted to the empath’s loving energy. Quickly a cycle forms where the empath is constantly being drained but progress is never made because the taker has no true desire to change. The empath can give, advise, love, teach and share—the narcissist will suck it all in and then return to their previous habits. This is especially damaging when the empath is giving to someone close to them, a parent, a sibling, a lover.

In the beginning, and during the good times, the trauma bond forms and it feels beautiful, but soon the empath is so drained that they can barely function. Empaths turn to vices, drugs, alcohol, infidelity, gambling, etc. to escape the emptiness. They also almost always develop mental illness—anxiety or depression—as a result of the constant emptiness and draining. I have lived through this in every capacity possible in relationships with family members, friends, and lovers. I kept repeating this cycle over and over, blindly. I knew that I was feeling the same pain throughout my lifetime, but I didn’t know why until one day I saw the light. The great news is that this cycle can be broken. There is a formula that we empaths can use to break the cycle of pain, trauma and codependency.

This is a very intimate, limited class so that we will have plenty of time for Q & A. There are only 8 spots available, so reserve your space now.


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